As a computational sociolinguist, my scholarly work sits at the nexus of two research traditions: bringing together computational methods and sociolinguistic perspectives. Specifically, my research agenda is organized around three strands:

  • Expand the toolkit of sociolinguistic research by making computational techniques and data accessible and usable for other researchers
  • Advance theory in language variation and change by helping to explain how speakers and listeners make sense of the tremendous phonetic variability that characterizes everyday speech
  • Through a combination of ![(1)](/assets/img/NYCS-bull-trans-1.svg) and ![(2)](/assets/img/NYCS-bull-trans-2.svg), foster a computational sociolinguistics (and a linguistics more broadly) that addresses its research questions faster, better, and more equitably

Below is a sampling of my current and recent-past research projects, with the strand(s) that each project supports.

Sociolinguistic auto-coding